Woman says she nearly died 3 times after Covid-19

Dakeela Washington says she was released from the hospital in October
Dakeela Washington says she was released from the hospital in October
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Dakeela Washington says she was released from the hospital in October
A Raytown mother and grandmother said that COVID-19 nearly killed her three times. She said she was unvaccinated and barely survived.
Dakeela Washington’s purse is full of pills — evidence of the burden she now carries.
“I went from taking one to two medications to taking 14 medications now,” said Washington, who survived COVID-19. “I’m sitting here because God saved my life.”
Washington was unvaccinated when she contracted the virus this summer.
“I was in the hospital from this day to this day,” she said.
That day was July 6.
“(I) drove myself to the hospital and collapsed in the parking lot because I couldn’t breathe. When I got there, my oxygen was 60,” Washington said.
It was the last thing she remembered.
“I didn’t know 60 was really low,” Washington said.
She said she woke up on Aug. 28 and nearly two months had passed.
“The doctor came in, like, a week later and was, like, ‘Ms. Washington, I almost had to sign you off,'” she said.
Washington said she had no clue what he meant, but then soon learned.
“I had a heart attack. I had a stroke. And I died three times. I coded three times,” she said.
Washington left the hospital in October after learning how to move and talk again.
“I can’t grip anything,” she said.
Hospital tubes left a mark, too.
“My speech therapist said that’s a survivor’s scar,” she said.
Washington said she was at first hesitant to get the vaccine.
“‘I ain’t getting the vaccine. I don’t know what they did.’ I was one of those and look what happened to me. It changed my life,” Washington said. “It changed me.”
Washington just received her second dose and is giving her own dose of advice.
“Please get vaccinated,” she said.
Washington said her whole family was unvaccinated against COVID-19 at the time she got sick. Since then, her family has received the vaccine.
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