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Image: @Tshego_Lopez / Twitter
DStv Premiership legend Teko Modise has explained how Cristiano Ronaldo is a great athlete while Lionel Messi is a lot more than that.
Image: @Tshego_Lopez / Twitter
Put simply, Lionel Messi is a greater footballer than Cristiano Ronaldo, says former Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns star Teko Modise.
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During a regular feature on the show where guests are given two rival names to say which one must go, the former midfielder was asked to choose between football’s two greatest ever talents.
Teko Modise said that from a former professional’s point of view, what Ronaldo does can be learned. But with Messi, you can try all you like but it’s not humanly possible to recreate the Argentine’s extraordinary magic on the green grass.
“Ronaldo must go,” Modise said before his hosts sighed in disbelief.
“Ok, I am speaking from a football point of view. Ronaldo made it possible for those guys that didn’t have much potential to believe that hard work can actually make them succeed.
“He is not a natural. He worked hard to become who he is.
“Messi is a f*cking alien bro. What Messi does, other players can’t do it,” Teko Modise added.
“That is why it is so difficult for people to relate to Messi than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is relatable because it is what we go through: ‘I need to work hard.’”
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So what else really sets Messi and Ronaldo apart according to the player formerly known as ‘The Navigator?’
In addition to natural playing ability, Teko Modise believes there is a personality distinction that makes Messi a better footballer than Ronaldo.
“You can take what Ronaldo goes through to put it in your personal life. Messi is gifted. Ronaldo shows us, he trains and everything. Takes off his shirt and you see he trains.
Teko Modise concluded to declare that Messi is simply just ahead of his time. The world will only realise his magical legacy in the future.

“You can now tell me Messi scores a 40-meter free-kick and doesn’t train but he doesn’t show it. Ronaldo is a big brand on Instagram. Messi just wants to play. Messi will be appreciated once he is gone.
“Messi changed the game. Ronaldo inspired the game. Messi changed the fucking game itself.”
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