Lionel Messi transfer rumors: Star will join Inter Miami in 2023, acquire 35 percent of team’s shares – DraftKings Nation

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The Argentine superstar is reportedly coming to MLS.
Lionel Messi is reportedly set to join Inter Miami in the MLS once his contract at Paris Saint-Germain expires, according to Alex Candal of DIRECTV Sports.
Lionel Messi will acquire 35% of Inter Miami shares in the MLS and will join them in 2023. This per @Alex_candal.
This is a preliminary report and things can change significantly in the next few years. If PSG doesn’t make noise in the Champions League, Messi will likely look for a new chapter somewhere. According to Candal, that next chapter will be in America with David Beckham’s club in Miami.
Even though he’s 34 years old, Messi remains one of the top soccer players in the world. He flirted with joining Manchester City after Barcelona was unable to pay his contract before eventually settling in at PSG. Even if the Argentine star is getting significant ownership stake in Inter Miami, it’s hard to see him turning down a big offer to play in one of Europe’s top leagues if he gets one.


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