Is this 9-year-old boy the new Maradona, Messi or Cristiano? – The Kashmir Monitor

By Raman Hariharan
A nine-year-old kid looking sensational playing indoor football puts on some amazing skills that will make you stand up and notice.
We’ve all seen what Lionel Messi does on the pitch first-hand or television or what Diego Maradona used to do.
The Argentina captains and probably Cristiano Ronaldo are considered three of the best players in world football ever along with Pele. It’s their skills and what they do on the field is that makes them so special.
Ever wondered what they were like in their childhood. We can all imagine those two playing football in their backyard, the street or school at a young age. Then somehow, they made the cut with clubs such as Napoli,Sporting Lisbon or Barcelona, but before that, someone in the streets spotted their talent.
Unfortunately, technology wasn’t as advanced back then. The idea of someone owning a portable camera was a big thing back then, while technology such as a smartphone was virtually non-existent. There are only a fair few grainy footages of a young Lionel Messi making his mark as a kid on the football field available. However, using today’s technology makes it easy to find raw footballing or sporting talents across the world.
The power of smartphones and the ability to capture clear videos of such skills has been a big boon to the sporting world.
Here’s a video of a young boy showing his skills in an indoor football arena, beating his peers and widely displaying his talents. 10-seconds into the video, we stopped counting the number of nutmegs this kid can pull off.
He can control the ball and beat his peers so easily, making him special in the video. This kid is a big question as all we can see is ‘Alpha’ written below the famous no.7 donned on the back of his jersey. He certainly looks like a future talent, and if we were courts of some European team, we’d waste no time before signing him up. Enjoy the footage of this child prodigy, who could become the Lionel Messi or Ronaldo of the future.
© 2021 The Kashmir Monitor
© 2021 The Kashmir Monitor


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