Cristiano Ronaldos girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has no fear of critics trolling her – Geo News

Thursday Dec 16, 2021
Argentinian-born beauty Georgina Rodriguez, who is expecting twins with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has slammed the critics trolling her.

Cristiano’s model girlfriend has no fear of critics trolling her over her upcoming Netflix series because she is ‘strong with personality.’

The 27-year-old, in conversation with the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan, said: ‘I’ve always been very strong and had a lot of personality.’
In the new documentary focusing on her rags-to-riches life she is waiting for partner Cristiano to pop the question more than five years after they began dating.
The streaming giant has not announce the date for the show, called Soy Georgina, but Georgina has insisted she is ready for any bad reviews that come her way.
Georgina Rodriguez, who started dating Cristiano Ronaldo in June 2016 after he walked into the Madrid clothes boutique, added: ‘I believe firmly in destiny and even more so in Karma. You receive what you give.’


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