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Cristiano Ronaldo scores his best ever assist came against Aston Villa in 2008 and it still needs explaining 13 years on.
United ran out 3-0 winners, with Ronaldo on target along with Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney.
The Portuguese superstar opened the scoring in the 17th minute but it was his assist for Rooney just after half-time that highlighted his unique abilities as a player.
The ball was fired into Ronaldo with serious pace from Ryan Giggs and he had Patrice Evra galloping up the left flank.
But Ronaldo, seemingly with eyes on the back of his head, somehow knew that Rooney was running in behind and produced a glorious backheel flick that took out the whole Villa backline.
An Explanation is still pending for this from Cristiano Ronaldo
Rooney latched on to the exquisite pass, rounded Scott Carson and sealed the comfortable win for United. There has been a debate as to whether Ronaldo meant it but given he’s a five-time Ballon d’Or winner and who’s won pretty much everything in the game, we’re happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.
It’s still unbelievable that he Pulled that
The explanation is :
” Fuck it , I’m Cristiano Ronaldo ”

Tbh I think it was an intended assist. We might saw it first time but they would have done this many times in training.
And when it comes to Cristiano he always try to do impossible things on the pitch. He never tries to play safe. Doesn’t matter pass or fail. I think it’s Real.
One of the most underrated assists ever from the goat 🐐
During their time playing together, Rooney and Ronaldo were an utterly deadly double-act and had a special understanding on the Old Trafford pitch.
They had an infamous fall-out in 2006 but patched things up and brought plenty of success on the pitch for Sir Alex Ferguson’s men.
Their skill-sets were very different and Rooney was often sacrificed to accommodate Ronaldo but they complimented one another superbly.
In a 2015 interview, Ronaldo showered his former teammate with praise and described him as “the pitbull”.
“For me the power of Wayne Rooney is his mentality and strength,” Ronaldo said in Rooney’s ‘The Man Behind The Goals’ documentary on BBC.
“He never stops, he always runs, helps the team. He’s a fantastic team player and he scores goals. He scored important goals, for me he’s fantastic.
“He was the kid of England. Everyone loved him. He is a fantastic boy, fantastic player.
“I used to call him, between me and my mates, the pitbull. I remember when he lost the ball he was so powerful, a strong guy, he shoots unbelievable.”
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